Platform overview

Organizations, Admins & Projects

When you signup to Notifuse, you create an "admin" account for your organization.

An organization can have many admins, and each admin can also belong to many organizations.

Each organization can create many projects, usually one per environnement (dev, test, production...).

Notifications, Templates & Channels

In a project, you will define all the different kind of notifications that you need to send to your users (welcome email, reset password, etc...)..

When you create a "notification" you select on which "channels" your messages will be sent (In-App widget, Email, SMS...). Example: you can send a "You have a new message" notification to the In-App Widget, Email and SMS at the same time.

Once you created a notification, you will have to create a template for each channel and each language.

Let's say your notification is available in English and French, via the In-App Widget and Email, you will have to create 4 templates (widget English, widget French, email English and email French).


When you want to notify your users, you actually send a "message" by providing the notification ID that needs to be used to customize the message in the users preferred language.


A "contact" in Notifuse is actually the same as your end user. Your contact list is automatically aggregated and kept in sync in Notifuse when you message your users.

However we recommend you to import your contacts by CSV or API ahead to make sure their email addresses won't be missing when you want to notify them.

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