Quick start

In this 5 minutes tutorial, we will setup our first project, a notification template and send it to a "test" user.

New project

When you sign up in Notifuse, you are automatically invited to create an Organization and a Project. The main things here to look at are the "Notification languages" and the "Default notification language".

You can update these settings at anytime later on.

The first notification

A notification defines which channels it can be sent to, and holds the templates for each channel+translation.

The Notification ID will be used by your developers to actually notify your users.


For each notification, you will have to create a template per channel and translation. If your notification is sent over the widget and email channels, and it's translated in English and French, you will have to create 4 templates.

The templates settings are specific to each channel. You can use the templating language to customize your messages.

To avoid editing a long HTML template for your emails, you can use the "Macros pages", where you define your own templating macros. Every project comes with a "Default email HTML layout" macros page to showcase its power.

Connecting your channels

In order to send emails & SMS, you need to connect your providers. Don't worry, you can connect them after this quick tutorial.

When you notify your users with the Notifuse API, the message content is generated from the templates, saved in Notifuse for the "Widget Bell" and then transferred to the concerned channels (email, sms...).

Feel free to contact us if your email/sms provider is not yet integrated in Notifuse.

Testing our first notification

To make sure everything is working fine and see how the widget is behaving, we will send us a "test" message.

To do so, go to the "Templates" tab in the left menu, and click the "Test" button is the top-right corner of our first Notification.

The test form behaves exactly like a real notification. We recommend you to always use the "test" user ID to avoid sending messages to your real users.

You can choose to test only the widget, the email or SMS.

To view what the notification looks like in the widget, go to the "Playground" tab from the left menu.

If you sent a Test notification to the user "test", enter "test" as the User ID in the playground. A widget will be instanciated for this user and you will be able to see its messages.

Integration with your own SaaS

So far we have seen all the main concepts of Notifuse to create a notification with its templates, and notify a "test" user.

It's now time to integrate the Notifuse API into your SaaS backend, and the Widget in your frontend in order to automate your notifications and save weeks of work to your developers!

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